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Sign with Greenpeace on the 10th December

Events / National Issues / December 4, 2017

Anyone want to sing or play instruments with Greenpeace on Sunday 10th?  Please share this event: https://www.facebook. com/events/2029521010613479/

When: Dec 10th 10.30-1ish.

Where:  Meet outside The Hawthorns cafe on The Common (bike parking there) then maybe move around, going to new Play Area.

What:  Asking people to send a message to Cola’s CEO, and/or have their photo taken for us to tweet.  Props include our SpongeBob costume (cluttered with cola plastic) and a pier-style photo booth.  We also have song sheets of altered Christmas songs, if you can come and sing/play instruments/shake a home-made shaker.

Details:  Email if you plan on coming, in case the weather is bad or we need to change plans.


Please spread the word/share the link/forward this blog post – thanks!

Vineeta lives in the New Forest and enjoyed walks around the forest with her husband. She loves growing her own food in her backyard and spending time with close friends and family.

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AGM & Christmas gathering - 6pm 6th Dec 2017 - Brockenhurst village hall. 

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