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The Greens are the only political party in England and Wales committed to fixing our climate and ecological crisis. With bold and visionary solutions on hand, the greens are best equipped to lead us to a positive future for people and planet!

New Forest Green Party works on local and national issues, putting community and environmental rights at the heart of our policies; to improve the lives of all people.

Great Green Party Election Results

Well done Greens in the County Council election of 6 May 2021. To have New Forest Green Party candidates standing in all 10 County Council divisions in the New Forest is an achievement in itself. But to then get 10.2% of the vote is quite remarkable.

These achievements make it possible for New Forest Green candidates to succeed at the District Council election in May 2023.

Man carrying a ballot box

The increased share of the vote in the New Forest is reflected in Green Party gains in council seats right across the country. Two-thirds of the wins are in new seats.

Nationally, Greens have gained 99 new councillors on 18 councils for the first time. There are now 445 Green Party councillors putting forward green ideas on 141 councils. These incredible gains show the country is ready to elect further Green MPs in the next parliamentary elections. Learn more on Green Party gains.

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