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It seems it might be helpful for new members, and perhaps for other members also, to have a brief guide on how we do what we do, what happens when and why, and who does what!  So here goes . . .

The New Forest Green Party meetings are run by the members for the members.  There is no managing committee.  Any decisions are made at these meetings, which are open to all members.  Currently, Tim Rowe acts as our convenor.  That’s not an official title or role, it’s just what he does!  Tim informs everyone by email of the next meeting and draws up the agenda.  He always includes his contact details so that anyone can let him know of anything they want put on the agenda or if they have any other queries.

There’s always Any Other Business on the agenda, so in meetings there is usually time to get to any matter anyone wants to raise, or at least note it for the next meeting.

Mike Renouf takes the minutes.  These are usually sent out by Tim after each meeting, especially for the benefit of those who couldn’t be there.  The minutes are always confirmed at the next meeting.  Tim usually chairs the meetings but there is no formal position of either chair or minuting secretary.  Tim and Mike can always ask someone else to take over, or anyone can offer to have a go!

If you want to send your apologies to a meeting, let Tim know or tell someone you know who is going to be there.

The ideas and issues that members bring to meetings are a big part of what we get to do, so there are plenty of reasons for members to come and join in, share their news about what they are getting up to or want to do to make the world a bit greener.

Tim sends out all communications that go to all members because he has access to the national Green Party’s legally-compliant mailing system which has to be used.  Do let us know if, at any time, you think you aren’t getting the communications you should be. 

We have about six or seven meetings a year but not on fixed dates.  The date of the next meeting is usually decided at the end of the previous meeting and takes into account other activities and upcoming issues, including elections.

Usually between meetings we meet up for Green Drinks at a pub.  These get-togethers are completely informal and very enjoyable, and friends are always very welcome.  Green Drinks, like meetings, are notified by email and both are also flagged up on our website.

There are, of course, some formal aspects to what we do.  We have a constitution which requires us to have an Annual General Meeting, usually towards the end of the year, when we elect a Treasurer (Tim), a Co-ordinator, who is the contact person to liaise with the national party (John Pemberton), a Membership Secretary (Vineeta Greenwood) and Nominating Officers – persons who act as election agents at a general election (Tim for New Forest West and John for New Forest East). 

Tim also uses his experience to make all the arrangements for candidates in local elections.  We are proud of our members who have stood in elections at all levels and given voters the opportunity to place their votes with the Green alternative.

Vineeta is also our website manager and posts news stories, articles, opinion pieces and details of Green Party events and elections.  Anyone can contribute.  Sam Wilcox manages our Facebook page and Kat Wilcox is our Press Officer. These are both important jobs as we look for ways to broaden our presence in local affairs and try to identify local issues that we can best get behind.

Mike is our Electoral Returning Officer.  It will be his task to arrange the selection of candidates for a general election.  All members will be contacted about it so please let Vineeta know if your contact details change at any time.  At the moment, there are possible boundary changes to our two constituencies in the offing that will have to be taken into account.

All the above is true as of July 2019.  When there are changes you will hopefully pick up on them at meetings, through the minutes or talking to other members.  If you can’t get to meetings or prefer not to, please always feel free to get in touch in other ways with any ideas, suggestions or questions.  Click CONTACT at the top of the page for details.