Chris Packham talk

Adam Parker, New Forest Green District Councillor reports: The amazingly eloquent Chris Packham gave a talk at our New Forest Green Party meeting in Brockenhurst in July 2023. Funny, energetic and inspiring, Chris spoke without notes on the climate and biodiversity crisis and how, as creative and intelligent humans, we have the solutions. The BBC … Read more

In the Last Chance Saloon?

Written by Mike Renouf. The world is getting hotter, and we need to vote for the right people to be in charge. Politicians and party activists will always tell you that a general election is very important for deciding how the country will be run for the next five years. And they are right, but … Read more

Green Breakthroughs

Breakthroughs in local councils where there were no Green councillors, such as New Forest where there are now THREE new councillors!