Conserving Energy at Home

Last Thursday (19/03/2015) saw our very successful public meeting on climate change in Brockenhurst.  We had Adam Ramsay from Open Democracy who was an excellent speaker, as was Richard Barnett from New Forest Transition, Rose Glendinning from Organic Bliss and local member Dan Fish. Over 70 people attended which was fantastic. It was a really interesting event … Read more

50 days to go!

Today there’s only fifty days to go until the General Election. Labour are still targeting Caroline’s seat heavily. We can expect them to step this up as the election gets closer. So we need to step it up too. We need to do all that we can to return her to Westminster – this will be close. We can … Read more

Will voting Green help the Conservatives?

This idea that voting Green will somehow lead to the Conservatives winning the election seems incorrect to me for these reasons: 1. It is highly unlikely that the Tory vote will increase. My evidence for this is the people I have talked to as an activist on People’s Assembly and Unite Community street stalls and … Read more

Nuclear Disarmament

“ Where is the money to come from to build all these homes that are so badly needed ?   Well, for starters there is £100 billion being wasted on nuclear weapon production and delivery. Let us not shy away from the issues of Trident and Nuclear Disarmament.  These are obscene unusable weapons that we don’t … Read more

Public Meeting – Press Release

NEW FOREST GREEN PARTY – 19 Pennys lane, Fordingbridge, Hants SP6 1HQ For Immediate Release – 2/3/2015 For more information contact Tim Rowe Press Officer New Forest Green Party on 07799 657737 CLIMATE CHANGE, CAPITALISM & THE NEW FOREST NEW FOREST GREEN PARTY invites the public to attend a screening of Naomi Klein’s recent London presentation … Read more

Caroline Lucas’ Campaign

Join us! ‘Bring our railways back into public hands’ action day for Caroline Lucas MP. Saturday 28th February, anytime between 10am and 4pm at either of these two locations: 20 Hertford Road, BN1 7GB OR 247 Preston Road, BN1 6SE This Friday Caroline’s Railways Bill will go to its second reading in Parliament. The Bill calls for the railways to be brought … Read more

No to Austerity, Yes to a Million Climate Jobs

The People’s Assembly will be mobilising for an anti-austerity/pro-climate jobs bloc on the Time to Act National Climate March on Saturday 7 March. Organised by the Campaign Against Climate Change Come with your placards and banners. Look out for the People’s Assembly ‘No More Austerity’ banner at the assembly point. Why do we support this demo? Find out … Read more