Callum, New Forest Green Party candidate for county council elections 2021

Totton South and Marchwood – Callum O’Driscoll

I was brought up, educated, married, and lived my whole adult life in Totton, my passion is in protecting it and the surrounding areas so that my daughter and son’s generation get to enjoy and benefit from it is much as I have.

It is the people that make the place. Listening to each other and talking together, we can grow in a sustainable way that serves everyone.

I want a happy, clean, and safe Totton, Eling, and Marchwood. I want to act on traffic congestion at the level crossing on Junction road, capacity on the A326, litter in the town, air quality, support of locally owned businesses following COVID-19, Eling Toll Bridge, quality of our coastline, cruise and container ships, and Ashlett Creek desalination plant.

What is important to you?

Area: Totton South and Marchwood

Elections: Hampshire County Council Elections.

Vote for Callum on the 6th of May 2021.

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Callum’s election priorities

Local environment: protect the air we breathe, the coastline we enjoy, and the streets we live on. Gain council support for local volunteer groups that are already working hard towards these goals.

Health and social care: treat mental and physical health equally. Ensure quality, accessible care locally for those that need it. Equip the NHS.

Community Spaces: protect, maintain, and promote our libraries, community centres, youth centres and parks.

Safer, greener transport: ensure that footpaths and cycle paths are maintained so they can be used safely. Make public transport more accessible and affordable.

Grow sustainably together: help local businesses bounce back from COVID-19 and grow in a green and profitable way.

Inclusivity and representation: building the bridge between the policy makers and the local community. Have a voice and have agency.

Vote for Callum, your voice for a Green Totton, Eling and Marchwood.