More Green Success – Spread The Message

The campaign really kicked off in earnest last night. Our thought provoking election broadcast was followed by Caroline’s rousing appearance on the Leaders’ Debate, which in turn was followed by Jonathan’s inspiring performance on Question Time. Our bold policies for a fairer, safer, greener tomorrow have become the catalyst for thousands joining us. Please share this video and urge others… Continue reading More Green Success – Spread The Message

Key Campaign Dates

Proactive messaging during the campaign will be coordinated week by week based on these key themes Week 1 (24th to 30th April) Young People Week 2 (1st May to 7th May) EU/Environment Week 3 (8th to 14th May) NHS Week 4 (15th to 21st May) Education Week 5 (22nd to 28th May) For the Common… Continue reading Key Campaign Dates

We’re winning!

Dear members WE’RE WINNING! We’re challenging the far-right. We’re picking up seats. And we’re doing it with growing numbers of campaigners and candidates. Are you ready to help us keep winning? Yesterday, we took a seat from UKIP in the Forest of Dean. It wasn’t even close. Our vote share shot up by nearly 30% and… Continue reading We’re winning!