Positive and hopeful 2017 by Caroline Lucas

Dear members, It’s just over 100 days since Donald Trump was elected US President. In that time he’s ripped up people’s fundamental rights and sought to deny climate change. He’s Theresa May’s new best friend and she’s had no qualms making an arms deal with a Turkish tyrant. We’ve also seen Stoke by-election candidates sink… Continue reading Positive and hopeful 2017 by Caroline Lucas

Switch Off Your Engine – Idling Gets You Nowhere

Car sharing, reducing your number of car journeys and using public transport are all effective ways of cutting emissions. Less attention has been given to switching off your engine when stationary as a small action that everyone can do when they have to or choose to use their vehicle. It’s easy and simple. More new cars are being… Continue reading Switch Off Your Engine – Idling Gets You Nowhere

Conserving Energy at Home

Last Thursday (19/03/2015) saw our very successful public meeting on climate change in Brockenhurst.  We had Adam Ramsay from Open Democracy who was an excellent speaker, as was Richard Barnett from New Forest Transition, Rose Glendinning from Organic Bliss and local member Dan Fish. Over 70 people attended which was fantastic. It was a really interesting event… Continue reading Conserving Energy at Home

Public Meeting – Press Release

NEW FOREST GREEN PARTY – 19 Pennys lane, Fordingbridge, Hants SP6 1HQ For Immediate Release – 2/3/2015 For more information contact Tim Rowe Press Officer New Forest Green Party on 07799 657737 CLIMATE CHANGE, CAPITALISM & THE NEW FOREST NEW FOREST GREEN PARTY invites the public to attend a screening of Naomi Klein’s recent London presentation… Continue reading Public Meeting – Press Release

Zero Carbon Britain

Zero Carbon Britain: Rethinking the Future models a techically robust scenario in which the UK has risen to the challenges of the 21st century. Zero Carbon Britain Event (London 9th April 2014): Can renewables keep the lights on? from Centre for Alternative Technology To read the latest Report go to – http://zerocarbonbritain.org/index.php/zcb-latest-report