District Councillors (NFDC)

On May 4th 2023, Green Party candidates saw unprecedented support across England and Wales, gaining a record 201 councillors – taking the total to 738 nationally, the most in the party’s 50 year history! – including three breakthroughs at New Forest District Council (group leader Cllr Janet Richards in Downlands and Forest North, Cllr Adam Parker in Brockenhurst and Denny Lodge, and Cllr Neil Millington in Bransgore, Burley, Sopley and Ringwood East).

In taking the local Green Party from zero to three councillors, the newcomers have had to hit the ground running and are breaking new ground as they go.

Our Green councillors have set about representing their residents on all the issues under NFDC’s remit – including waste and recycling collections and street cleaning, housing and homelessness, car parks, fly tipping, planning, environmental health, licensing, toilets and more.

NFGP councillors made the local news after an amendment on greenhouse gas emissions logging and reporting – proposed by Cllr Richards, and seconded by Cllr Parker – was voted down by Conservative councillors (but received unanimous support from the Liberal Democrats and Labour, plus one independent).

The councillors said in a statement: “We’re pleased to see local news coverage of our proposed amendment – which, while unsuccessful against the monolithic Conservative voting bloc at NFDC, we still regard as not just essential to properly tackle the climate crisis, but common sense given the worsening situation globally.”

Contact us

Cllr Janet Richards (Downlands and Forest North)

NFDC site

Email: janet.richards@nfdc.gov.uk

Facebook: facebook.com/CllrJanetRichards

Cllr Adam Parker (Brockenhurst and Denny Lodge)

NFDC site

Email: adam.parker@nfdc.gov.uk

Facebook: facebook.com/cllr.adam.parker

Cllr Neil Millington (Bransgore, Burley, Sopley and Ringwood East)

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Email: neil.millington@nfdc.gov.uk

Who’s in charge here?

This excellent guide, produced by New Forest District Council, shows the delegation of responsibilities between the local councils – and shows which items are in Hampshire County Council, New Forest National Park Authority, and Forestry England‘s remits.