The Green Party ‘Positive Vs Negative’ Campaigns

According to many reputable websites including ‘Voteforpolicies’ the Green Party has the most popular viewpoints within the political spectrum.

Why do people like the Green Party? Well, people like the Green Party because they encourage multi-culturalism and socialism, ah, here’s where we encounter the problem, yes people like the multi-cultural encouragement and socialist ideals of the Green Party, however the mainstream media who play a large part in indirectly controlling voters who to vote for have no interest in socialism and multi-culturalism because these views and beliefs would hinder the capitalist agenda if widely publicised. So the not so reputable newspaper companies and tabloids will often put out scare stories to control the public into avoiding the things they really want to be voting for.

At the moment the scare seems to be all about immigration or Ebola one of which is not an issue but I will leave that up to your interpretation. But often they will use psuedo-socialist parties such as Labour to scare people into voting for a more right wing and harmful party. The rise of the far right is due to in no small part The Daily Mail being the most popular newspaper in the UK, which is a fact that depresses me beyond comprehension that the media is allowed to create folk devils and scapegoats to terrify people into voting in their favour. The Mass Media is what sociologists call a form of socialization; Media’s form of socialization is often used to sway the opinions and views of the people through fear or other means.

Considering that 70% of mass media is Tory favoured also plays a massive factor since we only ever get a story in the Media when someone decides to either try to make us look like ‘ridiculous pot-smoking hippies’ or if it has something to do with polling reports. 
However this could be to our benefit, how could this be to our benefit? Well, I have met many people who are disaffected by politics and why? They tell me and this is a quote I have heard from multiple people in some form or another. “I am fed up with the constant negative campaigns, of politics, I have enough to worry about without having to read or watch the national bitching contests.”

What can the Green Party learn from that statement? If people are tired of negative campaigning then the Greens should focus on a positive campaign about what we can do to make their lives better. 
So in short I believe to grabs peoples attention we need to focus on positive campaigning and leave the boring, dull and unrepresentative negative campaigns to those parties currently ahead of us. If the Conservatives and Labour continue with there misguided blame games the Greens have the ability to gain inevitable growth.

Immigration is the issue that people are terrified of at the moment and it will be hard to deny with so many media outlets reproducing that so-called problem that’s actually a footnote compared to real issues but we need to keep displaying that facts, the UK’s immigrant population is 13% and has stayed at 13% for the past 6 months and probably longer than that which helps to disprove the sound bite of “They’re taking our jobs.” Then we can go on to say that immigration itself increases our national budget by 1 billion pounds a year. But that’s only if we’re attacked on the subject of immigration, the safest bet for the Green Party in the current state of affairs is to avoid talking about immigration like the plague until asked.

So to sum up this article the future is positive, not negative.

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