Janet Richards 2015 General election


I live in Martin and have done for 22 years so I know the area well. I help to run the Community Shop in Martin as well as Futurefarms (a community farm). I am a councillor on Martin Parish Council. I am passionate about our local community and if I see something that is wrong, I want to put it right.

About the Green Party

I am a member of the Green Party because I think it is the only political party that has the answers to the issues faced by ordinary people, like you and me. You can find out more here: www.greenparty.org.uk

Please contact me

Send me an email and let me know your thoughts: janet.richards@greenparty.org.uk

Green Party candidate for District Council elections 2019

If you live in the parishes of: Woodgreen, Hale, Breamore, Whitsbury, Rockbourne, Damerham or Martin, I would like to represent you on New Forest District Council.

What I will do for you if I am elected

If elected as your councillor, my job will be to represent you. I will:

  • Attend your Parish Council meetings to listen to the issues that affect you so that I can represent you and your community at District level
  • Always be available by phone, letter, email or in person, to listen to your problems with council services and do what I can to help you
  • Provide regular updates on the issues I am working on for you

These are some of the important issues I am campaigning on

Affordable housing – Small developments of new houses in our villages for local people. Rents should be deter-mined by wages, not house prices, to make them truly affordable.

Speeding traffic – Much more needs to reduce the speed of traffic in our villages and prevent rat runs.

Climate change – The situation with our climate is now an emergency and the council must act accordingly. Our council should be carbon neutral by 2030 at the latest. All our council-owned buildings, including houses, schools, offices etc. must be powered by renewable energy.

Recycling and plastics – We need recycling collections for food waste. The council should remove single-use plastics from all its offices and leisure centers etc.

Whatever is bothering you—So long as it is relevant to New Forest District Council! Please let me know so that I can represent you and make your voice heard.

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