John Pemberton

South Waterside – John Pemberton

My career was in computer software development: starting up my own company, being lucky that it grew significantly, and retiring from it 25 years later in 2006. 

Since retiring, I have become immersed in a number of local non-profit organisations, mostly working in the field of preserving the environment.

I am fortunate to have a small farm in the New Forest that has allowed me to pursue the ambition of sustaining environmentally sound management of the land.

I have always liked that the Green Party, as well as its focus on environmental conservation, takes a strong stand on social issues based around the principle of fairness to all – issues like housing, health , jobs, income and education.  I have thus wanted to have a role in pursuing these issues as a member of the local New Forest Green Party. Locally I seek to promote such matters as: education on the environment, recycling, renewable energy, local production and consumption of energy and food, transport, and access to the New Forest National Park.

Area: South Waterside

Elections: Hampshire County Council Elections. Vote for John on the 6th of May 2021.

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