Kat Wilcox 2019 District council Election

Kat Wilcox

Vote GREEN on Thursday, 2nd May

Kat wilcox green party candidate
Kat Wilcox

About me:  Born and raised in Boldre and now living in Sway, I was in London and overseas in the intervening years, working for Humanitarian and Conservation charities. I specialise in working with scientists and other experts to turn their multimillion-pound ideas into concrete development action on the ground, by leading project and budget planning and monitoring design. Just over a year ago I decided to move to Sway, because I believe it is one of the best places to raise my two small children. Due to my recent return and babies, you might not have seen much of me yet, but that is something I want to change.

Why I want to be your councillor: I love Sway and Boldre, they’re full of dynamic people doing huge amounts of good for the community. As a councillor, I want to make sure these voices are being heard and this work is being built upon at District level.  I will listen and respond to everyone who proactively approaches me, but I want to go beyond that, attending as many community groups and gatherings as I can to hear the views of everyone in informal settings, to truly represent the range of passions and priorities.

My priorities:

Housing – that places a premium on affordability at and beyond the build, low energy and community led development.

Leisure – that keeps our services in public hands, for public good not profit; and building on the excellent work being done in provision of outdoor recreation time for our children.

Transport – that increases the number of public fast chargers for electric vehicles and develops commuting cycle routes.

Recycling – to be available alongside all public waste bins, and joint initiatives with business to offer the community far more recycling options.

Climate change – is an emergency and our council should be acting accordingly; in the next term all our council-owned buildings, including houses, schools, and offices should be powered by renewable energy.

Rebalancing the Council – a variety of voices need to be heard if decisions are to be equitable.  I am in my mid-30s, so not particularly young, but I will make it an indicator of my success to increase the young voices being heard by our council.





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