Most Green MEPs ever elected

Dear supports and members,

The Green Party have had the best election result for thirty years – we’ve gone from 3 to an amazing 7 MEPs. Across the UK, over 2 million people have voted for a positive relationship with the EU and for urgently tackling the climate crisis.

This has all been made possible by your kind support through your membership. Thank you.

See the results in more detail.

These elections are yet more evidence that the two party system is broken. It’s letting us all down. The bigger parties are riven by conflict, with no credible vision for ending the Brexit chaos – the case for a People’s Vote has never been stronger. So we will continue to campaign for the public to have a say on the terms of the Brexit deal – and stand up for remaining in the EU.

In a turbulent world, where the political tides are unpredictable, we stick to our principles and we speak the truth. Meanwhile, the real tides are rising – and we have less than eleven years to reverse climate breakdown.

What we each do next really counts and I’m so glad you’re with us.

The ongoing anger of Leave voters should be a wakeup call for the establishment, but these elections must be a wakeup call too for us. Across Europe and far beyond, far-right populism is once more strengthening its grip – stoking fear, division and despair. And when President Trump vis its next week, we need to defend freedom, justice, and honesty against all he represents. We are facing an emergency on every level. Together with our new Green MEPs, it’s time to stand up, sound the alarm and unleash the power of our collective action.

In peace and hope,
Caroline Lucas

Thank you once again for being a member of the Party – this success has all been made possible by your ongoing support.