Nicola Jolly – Reflection from the Campaign

Nicola speaking at NFDC meeting
Nicola Jolly

Overall, the nationwide results can only be a disappointment to those of us who put the environment at the top of our priorities.

Locally, however, we have run astonishingly successful campaigns, with 4.8% of votes in the East and 7.7% in the West, these are our best ever results and considerably higher than the national share of 2.7%.  Voters here have come out and said we need Climate Action now.

Our message has been warmly received at Hustings, on the doorstep and in the towns. I am immensely proud to have been a Green Party candidate. It is an honour to represent a political movement with such a powerful message to stand out against narrow self-interest for international friendship, a decent social system for all, harmony with nature, security for future generations and respect for animals. We live in a shared world, and we are the Party with the vision to see that.

Thank you to all those of you who had faith in me, who gave me the confidence to take this step. I feel an immense pride and glow within to have been able to show the people of New Forest East who we are and what we believe in. Special thanks to those who have come out canvassing in the cold and rain, both here and on the Isle of Wight, and worked behind the scenes on designing leaflets, encapsulating policies into 1 minute answers, rehearsing speeches, creating media content and all the other hidden tasks.  

This General Election has put us in a strong position to move forward. This is just the beginning for the New Forest and I am excited to see us organise and grow into a strong, powerful voice taking the good fight forward in the New Year!

Nicola Jolly