Ringwood – Dr Nicola Jolly

Nicola Jolly - New Forest East

Nicola is a Teacher and Animal Behaviourist living in the locally. She is committed to providing strong local services, with a special interest in quality social care and education.

Warm, intelligent and compassionate, Nicola acts on local concerns.

‘I live in Frogham and am involved in the local area, particularly though my work with the Sheiling College in Ringwood. I am proud of the community spirit shown by the people of Ringwood. It is vital to support our resilient local economy, services for our most vulnerable members and build a brighter future.’

Nicola’s priorities in this election are:

  • Local environment: protect and restore biodiversity in the New Forest, promote sustainable energy and support affordable low carbon homes.
  • Health and social care: treat mental and physical health equally. Ensure quality, accessible care and pay which values our NHS and care staff.
  • Safer, greener transport: develop cycle networks and secure cycle parking for leisure and transport, maintain footpaths and bridleways and provide electric vehicle charging in all towns and council facilities
  • Animal welfare: champion good farming practices and local farmers markets, end factory and puppy farming, lower speed limits and increase driver awareness on forest roads. Give animals the protection they deserve.

Area: Ringwood Division

Vote for Nicola on the 6th May: Hampshire County Council Elections. Vote for Nicola, an independent Green voice for Ringwood.





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