Save our coasts

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Milford-on-Sea Promenade & Cliff Top Vigil

Sunday 15th March 2.30-3.30 pm (By Needles Eye Café)

All invited! This is an open to all event!  

Help us press our politicians and government to take every possible action to curb fossil fuel emissions by the end of this decade and prevent dangerous runaway sea level rise and storm surges.

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Scientists predict that unless we cut CO2 emissions, our coasts will likely face severe erosion and over 3 ft of flooding in our children’s life time.

What action will we take?

We will stand together in vigil …young and old with banners and flags fluttering (Create your own! Bring your own!) in homage to our local sea and beautiful coastline. We will walk ¼ of a mile westward to the top of the eroding cliffs and return to Milford for a press photo opportunity.

Make yourself heard!

Download brochure to share. PDF. Word.