Save the NHS

Dear member,

Join Caroline Lucas in standing up for our NHS.

Our NHS is on the brink of collapse. Hospitals are closing. Nurses’ pay is being frozen. People are being treated in hospital corridors.

How did it come to this?

Labour laid the foundations for privatisation.
The Lib Dems helped push through the hated Health and Social Care Act.
The Tories are now trying to put another nail in the NHS’ coffin

It doesn’t have to be like this, and the Green Party has a plan to save our health service.

That means:
  • Reversing privatisation
  • Giving the NHS a ‘funding injection’ to pull it back from the brink
  • Making the NHS the best health service in the world

We’ll never sell our NHS to private profiteers, or inflict damaging pay cuts and contract changes on our doctors and nurses.

Donate now to elect more Green MPs, and help make our NHS the best in the world.

The Green Party will reverse this race to the bottom on health provision and reinstate our health service to make it a world leader.

Let’s resuscitate our health service before it’s too late.

Caroline Lucas

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