Simon King (New Forest East)

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Simon King (centre, with cocker spaniel Teddy) and Green Party volunteers, on the campaign trail in Ashurst and Totton, Saturday June 8th

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(Statement given to New Milton Advertiser and Lymington Times June 6th 2024)

Real Hope.  Real Change.  Real Action.

With a cost-of-living crisis, failing public services, soaring NHS waiting lists, sewage in our rivers and energy prices rising we have been failed by this government and all the major parties.

With many engaging in tit-for-tat politics, attacking other parties and undermining public confidence in the integrity of politicians, the last thing the New Forest needs is another out-of-touch politician who’ll just do what their central party tells them.  

We need to do things better, and elect someone who can and will represent everyone – “A candidate to unite behind”.  With my extensive business experience I will be that person, listening and acting for all – however you may have voted in the past.

I will represent and work to unite everyone.  I promise to listen to and represent you.  A vote for me is a vote for community, unity, action, hope and change.

I stand for a brighter, stronger future.  Improving the standard of living for local people through economic competence, well-paid jobs in green growth industries, control of energy prices and everyone paying their fair share.

We need faster, safer healthcare.  Proper funding to reduce NHS waiting lists and A&E waiting times, a functioning integrated social care system, NHS workers who are valued and healthy local environments.

Green MPs will lead the drive for a safe, warm home for everyone.  Ending the housing crisis,  including protection for renters and transforming planning so that new developments come with great community services and the infrastructure they need.

The Green Party is committed to bringing water companies back into public ownership, so they’re run for people not profit.  Protecting our seas and rivers from sewage dumping, defending nature and our great outdoors.

And as you’d expect I’ll protect our beautiful and unique environment.

I’ve held senior global roles in multi-national businesses.  I understand how to collaborate, cooperate and get things done.  All the polls show that Labour will win nationally, but they won’t win here, so please vote for someone who’ll hold the government to account, unite people and deliver real hope, real change and real action. 

The New Forest East constituency spans from Nomansland and Bramshaw in the north, to Totton and Ashurst, Hythe, Dibden and the rest of the Waterside, all the way south east to Fawley, Calshot and Lepe, includes Sway, Boldre, Pilley, South Baddesley but stops short of Lymington, includes Brockenhurst and Beaulieu in the middle, as well as Lyndhurst and Fritham. Map (c) Google.