Standing a Full Set of Candidates in the County Council Elections

The New Forest Green Party has 10 candidates standing in the Hampshire County Council elections on 6th May, one for each County Council seat in the New Forest district.

The world is increasingly coming to the view that climate change is happening and that we are contaminating the air with pollutants and the water with plastics and mankind’s waste.  We are recognising that this presents a crisis for human health as well as for the environment.

Greens stand firmly against the pollution of our world, but not only this.  They address the imbalances in our society by promoting fairness in jobs, housing, education, health and social care, both at national and local level.

At the recent General Election, in one New Forest constituency the Green Party’s share of the vote increased by nearly three times.  By having a candidate for every County Council seat in its area, the party offers an opportunity to all voters to support the Green Party in making a difference.

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