Steering committee meeting for climate change event

Many positive organisations such as Friends of the Earth, Transition towns, Extinction rebellion, The Green Party and more in the area are coming together to hold a public meeting on the 8th of November, Friday in Brockenhurst.  In preparation, these groups will be meeting on a regular basis to agree details for this event. If you wish to be a part of this, please get in touch with Vineeta at

We’re holding a meeting to discuss next steps on the 15th July, 7pm at Adrian’s home in Sway. The address is 1 Quarr House, Manchester Rd, Sway SO41 6AS

7pm to 9pm, 15th July 2019 – Adrian’s home, Sway

This event is open to all who are representing their groups that are participating in the public meeting on the 8th Nov event.

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