Lymington and Boldre Division – Verena Jolly

Verena has made her home in the New Forest, setting up her thriving Veterinary Practice in
2017, making her an important member of the Lymington and Boldre community.

She is committed to building a world where animals, nature and people are all respected and treated with care.

As a business owner with a thorough understanding of disease and public health, she understands the challenges the past year has brought. She advocates for a sustainable approach to move forward in ways which protect the health of people and our environment. She will ensure protection of local health services, including Lymington Hospital, and building the areas resilience against climate change and coastal erosion.

In her free time Verena is usually surrounded by her animals, Josie the pony and Billie her Samoyed. She enjoys spending time with her family, often at the beck and call of her nephew, Morgan.

Area: Lymington and Boldre Division

Elections: Hampshire County Council Elections.

Vote for Verena on the 6th of May 2021.

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