We’re winning!

Dear members


We’re challenging the far-right. We’re picking up seats. And we’re doing it with growing numbers of campaigners and candidates.

Are you ready to help us keep winning?

Knowsley Green Party Win!

Yesterday, we took a seat from UKIP in the Forest of Dean. It wasn’t even close. Our vote share shot up by nearly 30% and UKIP support utterly collapsed. This proves the country is looking to the Greens as a force for good.

And this is our SECOND VICTORY in one month.

Last week we won a seat in Knowsley. Not only did we win: we won with campaigners who came together only six months ago, and with a candidate who’d never stood before.

This goes to show that with a determined organisation the politics of hope can defeat the politics of hate. We can reach people without resorting to division and fear. We win when we come together, put in the work, and believe in our vision for a better future. #GreenWin

So, as we gear up for even more by-elections, it’s more important than ever to challenge the view that a Green vote is a wasted vote. Voting Green counts! The rise of the far-right is not inevitable.

Greens are winning, and we’re winning for a fairer, greener future.

Let’s all go green in 2017!

Judy Maciejowska
GPEx Elections Co-ordinator

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