Thankyou from Henry

Henry Mellor New Forest Green Party

General Election 2017 – THANK YOU TEAM NFE! Dear members of the New Forest Green Party and everyone who made the choice to vote for the Green Party in New Forest East……my most sincere thanks to each and every one of you. My particular thanks to John Pemberton, coordinator of the New Forest Green Party, … Read more

Let’s stand up for what young people need!

Dear member, Shouldn’t education be a public good, not a private commodity? Shouldn’t the system promote equality and opportunity, not elitism and division? And surely young people shouldn’t have their lives frontloaded with debt? Let’s stand up for what matters to young people I’m writing from Sheffield University, where I’ve been speaking at the launch … Read more

Happy Christmas

Green Party members had a lovely Christmas do on the 5th of December at Brockenhurst village hall. Some members brought along lovely quiches, rolls, home made biscuits, mince pies, mini muffins, drinks, juices and treats of all sorts! Needless to say, it was all very merry! 🙂 We discussed our hopes and wishes on how … Read more

Hamer Warren generator

ONLINE COMMENT ON PLANNING APPLICATION 16/11429 Location Land adjacent HAMER WARREN QUARRY, HARBRIDGE DROVE, ELLINGHAM, HARBRIDGE & IBSLEY BH24 3PZ   Comment: The New Forest Green Party objects to this application. Our first concern is that the application site at Hamer Warren is part of an area conditioned under a previous application for return to … Read more

The Green Party ‘Positive Vs Negative’ Campaigns

According to many reputable websites including ‘Voteforpolicies’ the Green Party has the most popular viewpoints within the political spectrum. Why do people like the Green Party? Well, people like the Green Party because they encourage multi-culturalism and socialism, ah, here’s where we encounter the problem, yes people like the multi-cultural encouragement and socialist ideals of … Read more