Next Meeting Thursday 28th April 7.30

For April we are meeting IN PERSON (hurray!) on Thursday 28th April. Our venue will be The Upper Hall at The Wesley Centre on Christchurch Road in Ringwood. There is plenty of parking right behind this venue in the Blynkbonnie Car Park (free after 6pm). The entrance to the car park is the turning at the … Read more

New Forest Council Green Candidate 2023

Janet richards working hard for the green party

Janet Richards – Working hard for you! Thank you for everyone who voted for Janet Richards from the Green party in last year’s county council elections. We were delighted to see that Janet got 928 votes – more than twice as many as the previous election in 2017. This pattern was repeated across the New … Read more


The Green Party is calling for the UK to step up and follow EU leadership in granting asylum for all Ukrainians and establish safe routes for people to come here. #RefugeesWelcome

The Russian-led war on the sovereign state of Ukraine has already seen disastrous loss of life and countless displaced people. As it stands, the UK will only be allowing Ukrainians seeking refuge to enter with a visa. Visas are only available to spouses, unmarried partners of at least two years, parents or their children if one is under 18, or adult relatives who are carers. Ukrainians coming to the UK face criminalisation if they fail to tick those boxes.

Rise in fuel prices is driving the most extreme cost-of-living crisis in a generation. The Green Party is calling for a Dirty Profits Tax.

We’re facing the most extreme cost-of-living crisis in a generation, driven by the dramatic rise in fossil fuel prices. The poorest people are being hit hardest, with many now faced with the stark choice between heating and eating. We need to take immediate emergency measures to get financial help to those who so desperately need it. We are calling for a Dirty Profits Tax and are asking you to get involved in making the Government listen. 

New Forest Greens have new Leaders

Kristina Bourdillon and Lucy Bramley are delighted to announce that they are the new co-leaders (Joint Coordinators) of the New Forest Green Party.  They were voted in at the party’s AGM on 10 January 2022. John Pemberton retired as Coordinator and was given hearty cheers for his contribution over the years. This is such an … Read more

Have you heard about the Elections Bill?

Barbara Czoch - Make votes matter

As if the Police Crime Sentencing and Courts bill wasn’t enough, the Elections Bill is about to be debated in the House of Lords, and if it passes, hundreds of local people could loose their right to vote.What is the Bill about and why should we be concerned? It stands to be a seriously harmful … Read more

Lucy Bramley creates outstanding result for New Forest Greens

Lucy stood very effectively in the recent Bransgore and Burley District Council by-election on 23 December 2021. She obtained approximately one third of the votes cast and was placed ahead of Conservative and Labour candidates. “We came 2nd in the Bransgore and Burley by-election. Wonderful result considering we had 5 weeks to campaign, and did … Read more

Climate Emergency? What Climate Emergency?

New Forest, Autumn 2021 Around 230 councils in the United Kingdom have declared a climate emergency, many of them setting 2030 as their target date to achieve net-zero carbon. Across the world, and as of June this year, 1,900 local governments in 34 countries have made climate emergency declarations.  The term ‘climate emergency’ is used … Read more