FAQ – General

How do New Forest Green Party (NFGP) members elect a local green party candidate?

There are set procedures for nominating and selecting candidates for General Elections, and for Local Elections – County, District and Parishes.  Green Party members are always informed when the selection of candidates comes up.

What are the local issues that New Forest Green Party (NFGP) members are focusing on this year?

Local Green Party members are concerned by a wide range of local issues, and national and global issues that affect us in the New Forest as much as everyone everywhere else.  The only limit to the amount of attention each of these issues get is the time and energy that members are able to give, and the more people who get involved, the more we can do.

Actions may just be a letter or a press release, meetings with MPs or more detailed ongoing correspondence, or a public event with visiting speakers.

Currently we are chasing up government action on climate change, local sustainable transport and the overuse of plastics.  Future plans include a focus on climate change and the New Forest, and voting at the age of 16 and proportional representation.

We are always open to new ideas or concerns which can be raised at any meeting, especially at Green Drinks events, which are open to anyone, not just members, who wants to discuss green issues.

What motivates our members to join the green party?

People join the Green Party for various reasons, but most share the values that give direction to the Party’s policies. Green Party members believe in ‘Fairness for All’, and the Party’s political programme sets out what Greens are in politics to do.

You can find out much more about us at greenparty.org.uk.

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