Positive and hopeful 2017 by Caroline Lucas

Dear members,

It’s just over 100 days since Donald Trump was elected US President. In that time he’s ripped up people’s fundamental rights and sought to deny climate change. He’s Theresa May’s new best friend and she’s had no qualms making an arms deal with a Turkish tyrant. We’ve also seen Stoke by-election candidates sink to new lows of dishonesty. The Labour Party has capitulated on unconditionally triggering Article 50; failing to stand up for protecting free movement, workers’ rights, the environment, and a fairer economy. And now the Government’s turning back on child refugees.

The world feels a very uncertain place, and for many the future’s getting more frightening by the day. As your co-leaders we’ve been taking every opportunity to stand up for a different kind of politics – in Parliament, in the media, and on the streets. We hope you like this video about some of what we’ve been doing on your behalf.

Across Britain in the last 100 days and met so many Greens prepared to stand with us for something better: more positive and hopeful.
•    Leamington: we’re working with the community to tackle homelessness.
•    Sheffield: we’re calling for a £10 minimum wage.
•    Norwich: we’re campaigning for our railways to be in public ownership.
•    Cardiff: we’re championing tidal power.
•    Isle of Wight: we’re trying to re-open a much loved ice rink.
•    Durham: we’re putting green spaces and affordable homes at the heart of community regeneration.
•    Streatham: we’re acting to cut air pollution.
•    Bristol: we’re standing in solidarity with migrants and refugees.

In all these places, and in the many others we’ve visited, Greens are showing that politics can be a force for good.

Thank you for your leadership and support.

Best wishes,

Jonathan Bartley and Caroline Lucas MP.

PS – don’t forget about this video of some of the things we’ve been doing in the last few weeks. If you like what you see, please kindly share it with your friends and ask them to join us.

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