In the Last Chance Saloon?

Written by Mike Renouf. The world is getting hotter, and we need to vote for the right people to be in charge. Politicians and party activists will always tell you that a general election is very important for deciding how the country will be run for the next five years. And they are right, but … Read more

Climate Emergency? What Climate Emergency?

New Forest, Autumn 2021 Around 230 councils in the United Kingdom have declared a climate emergency, many of them setting 2030 as their target date to achieve net-zero carbon. Across the world, and as of June this year, 1,900 local governments in 34 countries have made climate emergency declarations.  The term ‘climate emergency’ is used … Read more

Flying in the Face of Facts

Aeroplanes parked

In the first half of the 19th century, the American naturalist and writer Henry David Thoreau wrote ‘Thank God men cannot fly, and lay waste the sky as well as the earth’.  He might think differently now. Flying is a wonderful means of transport, with many benefits.  It has linked people and countries across the … Read more

A vote that counts = a voice for the Environment.

We need real democracy text on colourful background

This Thursday we go to the ballot box to select our representatives on the County Council.  “But what’s the point in voting when nothing ever changes?”  The voters of the New Forest could easily be forgiven their apathy when living in such a Conservative stronghold.  Our disastrously archaic First Past The Post voting system wildly … Read more

Southern Water’s controversial proposal for a desalination plant

Southern Water Desalination Plant Consultation Image

To provide sufficient water in its area Southern Water is proposing building a large-scale desalination plant with extensive supply and discharge pipes in a conservation area. What disruption will building it cause? Is the damage to the environment from its construction and subsequent operation justified? Are there better solutions? The availability of drinking water is … Read more

Nicola Jolly – Reflection from the Campaign

Nicola Jolly

Overall, the nationwide results can only be a disappointment to those of us who put the environment at the top of our priorities. Locally, however, we have run astonishingly successful campaigns, with 4.8% of votes in the East and 7.7% in the West, these are our best ever results and considerably higher than the national … Read more

Our best ever election result is even better than it looks

Local success for the New Forest Green’s I woke up this morning to bittersweet news in the General Election. The Conservatives may have regained a majority in Parliament, but the Green Party also achieved one of it’s best results, including here in the New Forest. Together with a groundswell of enthusiasm from local members and … Read more

An article from NEW STATESMAN

Isles of scilly scene of the sea and the coast

New Statesman 24-30 May 2019  Leader: The Green moment Once dismissed as the home of cranks and utopian idealists, the Green Party is having a renaissance. These are propitious times for the Green Party, which is much more than a pressure group. The Greens enjoyed the biggest proportional gains of any party in the local … Read more

WTF is that?!

oil rig off the coast of bournemouth

A film by a local resident After an oil rig appeared on the Hampshire/Dorset coastline in February 2019, disbelieving hobbyist filmmaker Adam Parker set out in search of answers. Our press release for this issue is here.