Sign with Greenpeace on the 10th December

Anyone want to sing or play instruments with Greenpeace on Sunday 10th?  Please share this event: https://www.facebook. com/events/2029521010613479/

When: Dec 10th 10.30-1ish.

Where:  Meet outside The Hawthorns cafe on The Common (bike parking there) then maybe move around, going to new Play Area.

What:  Asking people to send a message to Cola’s CEO, and/or have their photo taken for us to tweet.  Props include our SpongeBob costume (cluttered with cola plastic) and a pier-style photo booth.  We also have song sheets of altered Christmas songs, if you can come and sing/play instruments/shake a home-made shaker.

Details:  Email if you plan on coming, in case the weather is bad or we need to change plans.


Please spread the word/share the link/forward this blog post – thanks!

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