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  1. I have an idea that would help reduce
    CO2 and support the cutting down of meat consumption and overfishing of our waters and that is for rationing to be introduced across the UK similar to during the war . The populace could reduce their consumption of meat , fish and dairy and our sea resources could replenish
    The farmers could recieve subsidies to help them grow organic veg on a larger scale and all people could be encouraged and helped to grow veg ‘ Dig for survival’ on whatever green spaces are available , and possibly keep chickens for eggs
    Communities could trade produce amongst themselves at communal markets or between neighbours.
    I have read that the majority of our population would be willing to cut down on meat and fish consumption in order to help save our planet
    Is this rationing proposition one that could be put towards parliament?
    Sincerly M Grace

    • Hi Marianne

      I think what you’re suggesting is just plain logic and all of it is straight forward to do – if the the people in power aren’t given the choice/incentivised to do otherwise.

      I strongly beleive that the pressure has to come from us, the people to invfluence the government to make laws that will protect our land, ocean and living beings alike.

      I’m keen to propose this to the parliament as well. Do you know who would be the best person to approach?



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