New Forest Green Party Condemns Parking Charge Hike in Midst of Cost-of-Living Crisis

New Forest, UK – 25 November 2023 – The New Forest Green Party today strongly opposes the recent New Forest District Council decision to increase parking charges in the New Forest. The new scheme, which sees a 30% hike in short-stay parking clocks and a staggering 57% increase in long-stay parking fees, is set to have far-reaching consequences for local businesses, residents, and workers.

Simon King, spokesperson for the New Forest Green Party, commented, “This decision will push consumers towards out-of-town retailers, undermining our cherished local businesses that are the backbone of our community as well as increasing driving miles and emissions.”

The increase comes at a time when residents are already grappling with significant financial strain. “It’s a double blow to our community. Not only are people struggling with a cost-of-living crisis linked to energy prices and inflation as a result of the Conservative Government’s economic failure, but now they face these exorbitant parking fees,” said Anna Collar, another party spokesperson.

Alarmingly, the additional revenue generated from these increased charges is not earmarked for investment in sustainable or public transport solutions. “It’s a missed opportunity to support and enhance green transportation options, which are crucial for our environment,” added Cllr Adam Parker.

The New Forest Green Party urges a re-evaluation of these charges and calls for a focus on sustainable development that supports both the local economy and the environment.

About New Forest Green Party (“NFGP”)

The New Forest Green Party is dedicated to creating a just, equitable society in tune with nature. Through promoting sustainable policies and advocating for the welfare of all, we strive to ensure a green and prosperous future for the New Forest and all its residents.

For more information, please contact:
Simon King, Spokesperson and Parliamentary Candidate for New Forest East, NFGP 07890026746

Anna Collar, Spokesperson and Parliamentary Candidate for New Forest West, NFGP 07538305424

Cllr Adam Parker, New Forest District Council, NFGP 07423683266