How often do you hear this on the BBC?

Watch the video here.

How often do you hear something as bold as that from a politician on the BBC?

Our co-leader Jonathan Bartley has spent his evening setting out our radical vision for British politics on Question Time.

Just a few minutes ago, he was the only panelist to stand up for freedom of movement and the environment. He called out Theresa May’s Brexit for what it is – a right wing coup.

He challenged the fact the Government is cutting sick and disabled people’s benefits by 33% – that is despicable.

Will you help us get our positive message heard more often?


We should be hearing bold Green ideas on the BBC far more often than just tonight.

As we head towards a hard Brexit, it’s more important than ever that we send out a bold, progressive message to the people of Britain.

Will you help us share that message even further?

If you agreed with Jonathan this evening, donate to the Green Party and help to share our bold vision for Britain ahead of the local elections next month.

In solidarity,
Green Party

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