Let’s stand up for what young people need!

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Shouldn’t education be a public good, not a private commodity? Shouldn’t the system promote equality and opportunity, not elitism and division? And surely young people shouldn’t have their lives frontloaded with debt?

Let’s stand up for what matters to young people

I’m writing from Sheffield University, where I’ve been speaking at the launch of our promise to students: a really exciting and inspiring event.

Our first promise: The Green Party will scrap tuition fees for good. You can believe our promises on this, unlike the Lib Dems.

Our second promise:  We’ll reinstate maintenance grants. It’s bad enough that students are paying more and more for higher education, but the real injustice is that the poorest students are being hit hardest.

Our third promise: We’ll give students a life raft through the storm of Brexit. The EU has funded multi-million-pound research in UK universities. This funding is now at risk, but the Green Party will ensure it’s replaced. We’ll also fight for EU students to continue studying in the UK, and for all young people to enjoy the rewards of study abroad schemes.

Please share our bold vision for young people on facebook, and help us deliver on these promises.

Best wishes,
Amelia Womack

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