50 days to go!

Today there’s only fifty days to go until the General Election.

Labour are still targeting Caroline’s seat heavily. We can expect them to step this up as the election gets closer. So we need to step it up too.

We need to do all that we can to return her to Westminster – this will be close. We can beat the big party machines, but only with you.

Parliament is only days away from dissolution – and so the election is imminentNext week will be a big week for us so we need your help.

On Monday – Wednesday (23rd – 25th March) next week, we need as many people as possible to help in the office (directions here9AM – 7PM, stuffing envelopes and sorting posters into bundles to be given to supporters. It’s so important we win the ‘poster war’ and get posters ready to go. This is a great way to help – there’ll be tea, coffee, etc. If you can make it, email us to let us know when you will be coming in, and when.

From Thursday and Friday (26th and 27th March), we will be starting to deliver posters to our supporters across Brighton Pavilion. One of the key reasons Caroline won in 2010 was because there were green posters everywhere and this helps build momentum. Let’s do the same again – except even better this time! Even if you only have an hour spare to deliver a small round of posters to supporters, call into the office anytime. (directions here) The office will be open 9AM – 7PM.Click here to let us know you’ll be coming to help!

See you soon – and thanks for all that you do!

best wishes,

Adam and all of Team Caroline


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