Conserving Energy at Home

Last Thursday (19/03/2015) saw our very successful public meeting on climate change in Brockenhurst.  We had Adam Ramsay from Open Democracy who was an excellent speaker, as was Richard Barnett from New Forest Transition, Rose Glendinning from Organic Bliss and local member Dan Fish. Over 70 people attended which was fantastic.


It was a really interesting event during which the question was asked: ‘What can we do it home to conserve energy’? So here is a small list of ways you can start to conserve energy at home:


·         Only boil the amount you need, don’t overfill the kettle
·         Add a brick or a Hippo ( uk) to your toilet cistern
·         Wash laundry in the coldest setting you can (suggestion is 30 degrees)
·         Dry your laundry outside on the line
·         Lower the temperature on your hot water heater
·         Shower (or bath with a friend!)
·         Use rainwater in your garden, install a water butt if you can


·         If you have a garden compost your veg peelings, egg cartons and other compostable waste
·         Stop using plastic bags, take cotton bags or other reuseable bags when you shop
·         Before you buy, check on Freecycle to see if anyone is giving away what you need, or shop in second-hand and charity shops. (Don’t forget to donate items you don’t need too
·         Use a moon cup rather than tampons or sanitary towels


·         Drive less, car pool, ride your bike or walk!


·         Turn your heating down by 5 degrees
·         Turn your computer off at night, unplug non-essential appliances

·         Grow your own, eat locally, in seasonally (and organically – if you can afford it). Get on your allotment waiting list if possible.
·         Try to eat less meat, start off by having one meat-free day a week.


·         Pay your bills online, stop receiving junk mail and consider signing up to Good Energy ( utm_source=Affiliate&utm_ medium=referral&utm_campaign= the-green-party) who will donate £50 to the Green Party for every new sign up!

Don’t forget it is EARTH HOUR at 8:30 PM – 9:30 PM on Saturday, March 28 – join people across the world as they switch off non-essential lights for one hour. ( pc=ANZ004001&ds_medium=cpc& gclid= CjwKEAjw0LmoBRDHuo7UkaKXhn8SJA DmDTG039z00TetVuM-9mk- 5fDpi6fMiAR-rGGT1ZA- oBScixoCccnw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds)

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