Thankyou from Henry

Henry Mellor New Forest Green Party

General Election 2017 – THANK YOU TEAM NFE! Dear members of the New Forest Green Party and everyone who made the choice to vote for the Green Party in New Forest East……my most sincere thanks to each and every one of you. My particular thanks to John Pemberton, coordinator of the New Forest Green Party, … Read more

Let’s stand up for what young people need!

Dear member, Shouldn’t education be a public good, not a private commodity? Shouldn’t the system promote equality and opportunity, not elitism and division? And surely young people shouldn’t have their lives frontloaded with debt? Let’s stand up for what matters to young people I’m writing from Sheffield University, where I’ve been speaking at the launch … Read more

Another world is possible – Hope Not Hate Campaign

This is a personal blog post from the website caretaker – Vineeta. I volunteer at the local New Forest Green Party and attend as many meetings as possible. This month we have started a new ‘Green Drinks’ style event where local members and non-members can come and voice their thoughts related to the green issues. This … Read more

Cycling in the New Forest

End of route

Cycling in the New Forest Apart from the benefits to the environment, the economy and health, cycling is one of the most efficient forms of transport.   Bikes take up much less room than cars, cause little road wear and congestion, make no noise and no pollution, and are easy to park.  Cyclists don’t break … Read more