A way to beat climate Change

Summary   This note sets out the authors understanding of the current position on climate change and describes the physical actions that will need to be taken to halt it. Although we are running out of time it is optimistic and outlines the simple straight forward and safe proven solutions that should really prevent the … Read more

Greens for a better Europe

Four members of the NFGP distributed leaflets in Brockenhurst and Lyndhurst on Saturday, 11 June, promoting the Green Party’s stand for staying in the EU. The weather was overcast and footfall was not high, but a useful number of leaflets were distributed and there were some interesting short conversations. Passers-by were variously indifferent, of an opposite view, … Read more

Switch Off Your Engine – Idling Gets You Nowhere

Car sharing, reducing your number of car journeys and using public transport are all effective ways of cutting emissions. Less attention has been given to switching off your engine when stationary as a small action that everyone can do when they have to or choose to use their vehicle. It’s easy and simple. More new cars are being … Read more

A Stay At Home Mum’s P.O.V.

The Green Party General Election manifesto (www.greenparty.org.uk/we-stand-for/2015-manifesto.html) was released today (14th April 2015) and it is a breath of fresh air compared to the LAB-CON-DEM announcements that are being rolled out this week. Today the Conservative Party announced they would increase free childcare to 30 hours a week (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/conservative/11534988/With-a-smart-promise-of-free-childcare-the-Tories-have-finally-stopped-kowtowing-to-the-stay-at-home-mothers-brigade.html?hc_location=ufi) and Labour have promised 25. Mums … Read more

More than just a protest vote: why the Green Party’s message of hope is the only real choice come May 7th

I fall most easily into the category of the disaffected youth, partly because of my age, but mostly because of the perspective I have on the struggle we have all faced since the financial crisis seven years ago. Since then, we’ve heard time and time again about the successive government’s disastrous role in all this, … Read more

Nuclear Disarmament

“ Where is the money to come from to build all these homes that are so badly needed ?   Well, for starters there is £100 billion being wasted on nuclear weapon production and delivery. Let us not shy away from the issues of Trident and Nuclear Disarmament.  These are obscene unusable weapons that we don’t … Read more

How will climate change affect the New Forest?

The United Nations has warned that our window of opportunity to tackle climate change and keep the global temperature rise below 2°C by 2100 is swiftly diminishing. In The Emission Gap Report 2013, compiled by 44 scientific groups in 17 countries, it warned that significant emission reductions are required by 2020 but as global emissions continue … Read more